1. I’m tired of seeing that tired shitty joke, “How do you know if someone’s vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll fucking tell you.”

    No shit. Because otherwise, you keep pestering us to try some of the mac and cheese, or telling us to get some ice cream, or asking us if we have an eating disorder.

    You’re tired of hearing we’re vegan? We’re tired of you pushing food on us.

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    When carnists keep insisting you try a bite of their food, and after saying “no thank you’ for the 100th time, they tell...
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  19. thegracefulmanatee said: It’s the people that rub it in your face and tell you how much better they are because they are vegan, that piss me off. That insist that everything cater to their specific lifestyle and bitch every time, every meal.
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    legit y’all
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    But wait since when did knitting become an obnoxious fad? D: my girlfriend knits some kick-ass hats.
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